Why we need to Repeal (and what’s the big deal?)

Written for Tipp for Choice

tipp for choice

From Abortion Rights Campaign marches to a national strike and pumpkins being carved into suitably eery “Repeal” slogans, the Repeal the Eighth movement has grown hugely in number and passion, with nearly every county having its own “For Choice” group and Repeal groups like the London-Irish ARC, Repeal NYC and Repeal Project taking off globally, garnering messages from support from all over the world. We’re swelling from the earth in our thousands because if we don’t, this thing will swallow us all.

But the aim isn’t to throw two fingers up to our elders or challenge anyone’s beliefs. In fact, what we’re asking for is to be able to follow our own, and no longer feel the repression of a dwindling Catholic state. No one is going to strip anyone of their religion or feelings surrounding abortion, just as we cannot continue to be stripped of choice and stifled…

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