Another Pumpkin Spiced Think Piece

I write this seated next to a Tesco Large Pumpkin that is anything but large. To my right, a Miniature Schnauzer in a shark costume and a raven lamp atop my writing desk. I have seen butternut squashes bigger than this pumpkin, but himself didn't want to splurge the extra euro for a 'Giant'. Heaven... Continue Reading →

It’s a lovely day to show up for your rights!

Written for Tipp for Choice

tipp for choice

Please show up for our rights. The Eighth Amendment affects us all.

The Abortion Rights Campaign have organised the 6th annual March for Choice tomorrow, Saturday 30th September in Dublin, meeting at the Garden of Remembrance at 2pm. This date was chosen to tie in closely with International Safe Abortion Day. Yes, this is another post about marching, but why should you march and what is it for?

It’s not just about abortion.

The March for Choice advocates for the right to choice for women and trans people all over the country to have access to abortion services, the medical attention that’s best for them during pregnancy, trust and self-governance. Banning abortion does not stop it happening, but exports our problem elsewhere. If we had access to safe and legal abortion services and greater choice at home, most instances would likely occur within the first 13 weeks, later if…

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