Deck the lols

A yuletide survival guide for when Christmas is grim. I'm not a mint humbug, I'm just grieving and have several issues to attend to.

thank u, stans

In a culture where people can be 'cancelled' in public esteem, stans make or break a career. Read my take on how Ariana Grande has put stan culture to work in creating a first-of-its-kind breakup banger.

Hello Men!

Lads, we need you to help us vote to repeal the 8th Amendment. We've heard on social media recently that the men of Ireland don’t feel like the 8th has anything to do with them, or that they have any right to get involved in a decision affecting women’s bodies. While this is truly commendable, we do... Continue Reading →

Swapping brooms for laptops: bring out the witches

There's been a lot of talk on Twitter of women celebrating witches and using this term empoweringly, especially when it comes to discussions about this year's referendum on the Eighth Amendment (#WitchesForRepeal) and subsequent empowerment we may feel to take social issues and gender inequality even further. Anti-choicers have surprisingly expressed disdain at referring to... Continue Reading →

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